A Shift To Electric

EV is a future that we predict will be one that will transform all the dynamics of the automobile industry. We all hear it often these days that we should now make a shift to EV for a better future, but before we do so let's understand the reason behind the shift. In just a short duration people are attracted to the innovation the EV sector gave us. This shift might seem sudden to some but it’s simmering for decades.

Have you thought about what exactly would have been the reason for innovators to think of discovering EV? What is the burning problem that EV will address as a solution to it? The shift is interconnected to a lot of factors that have an impact on us like the concerns of fossil fuels, pollution, technological advancements, government regulations and incentives, and many more. Each of these factors have different impacts on us resulting in the need for Electric mobility.


The shift to EV will benefit by touching upon a lot of factors:


One of the biggest impacts that electric mobility will have is on the environment by reducing air and noise pollution. With fewer emissions, we will have a clean and refreshing environment to live in.


Electric vehicles have lower maintenance costs and vehicle tax than fuel vehicles.


Driving an electric vehicle gives a smooth experience on the road by eliminating pollution. EV is much safer to drive than fuel vehicles.


With an introduction to EV, the government grants incentives and subsidies as it reduces pollution and is beneficial for society.


One of the very important impacts of Electric mobility is it reduces noise pollution and that helps the environment. Fuel vehicles generate noise that pollutes the environment, with EV it would be a quieter environment now.


It’s a myth that electric vehicles are more expensive than fuel vehicles. Yes it’s a fact that at the time we buy an electric vehicle it’s costlier but in the long run maintenance cost, running costs are much less. Fuel prices are increasing constantly, with EV the problem of overconsumption of natural resources will be solved.

Electric mobility is an economical choice and the most important reason for a shift towards electric.


Electric vehicles do not have any tailpipe emissions, while considering the impact on the environment from manufacturing, charging batteries to driving on road, it has a top rating in lesser emissions.

With this positive effect and also reduction in noise pollution governments are actively using mandates and tax rebates to increase the drive for electric vehicles. The pros of the EV sector has resulted in a positive response from the government with various incentives and subsidies.


With new technology comes new reformations, transformations in the nation resulting in improved infrastructure. The EV sector will bring technological advancement, ease in usage, and growth in infrastructure. Electric vehicle charging stations will increase and it would be easy to have charging stations anywhere and everywhere.

The rush of standing in long queues for fuel will end now, from charging your vehicle at home or in the office to charging it in a restaurant or a park, the mode will be very safe and convenient to use.

It would be very easy for the restaurants to function as the delivery system would be revised and updated with EV. The delivery team members don't have to wait at fuel stations; they can charge their vehicle while waiting for the order at the restaurants.

The complete look and feel of today will change with EV and we will have a refined life ahead. It’s a phenomenal invention that will serve to be an affordable, convenient, safe, and smart choice of tomorrow.